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Khush Rang Collection

Khush Rang is a beautiful love story of Noor & Adil. This collection portrays an emotional journey from when they lay eyes on each other for the first time till they break up and their hearts are broken and they are united again. There is gradual change in the collection as the muse experiences emotional change and growth within her.
Khush rang is divided in five parts. Uns is infatuation, ishq is love, wafat is separation, ibadat is devotion, azis is special.
In the last chapter it becomes clear that their happiness lies in the idea of spending their with each other, they are AZIZ and special for each other. This is the final story showcasing our signature bridal looks.

Khush Rang - Yaadein Purani, Nayi Kahani

Naye rut ki nayi kahani,
Kaise mili Aadil ko apni diwani,
Dur desh gayi thi padhne,
Liye sapne, irade bhar jhole..
Yahan dari sehmi si jhalli si,
Almast apne ghar ki thi noorani.
Kyu nazar nazre chupaye, sehm si jaye.
Sab chehre anjane se,
Us mirage mei dhundhe apna aks.
Use kahan pata tha khudki pehchaan karayega iklauta shaksh..